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Romania has joined to the Contest

on Friday February 11th 2011 Chairman of the YPEF International Contest Commission, Mr. Andrzej Kawalec, and member of the International Contest Commitee YPEF, Mr. Mihai Zotta, met in Bucharest with the Secretary of State in Ministry of Environment and Forests, Mr. Cristian Apostol. They have talked also with Mr. Liviu Pavel, Director Impaduriri Dezvoltare in Regia Nationala a Padurirlor-Romsilva. Romania has joined to the Contest, which will be supported by Ministry of Environment and Forest and National Forest Administration Romsilva. Mr. Robert Georg Pache is delegated to the meeting of YPEF International Contest Commission in Vienna, 22-23 of February.

Meeting in Vienna

The meeting in Vienna soon. The YPEF International Contest Commission has a meeting in Austria, February 22-23. The YPEF partners from the participating countries are going to announce the International Contest "Young People in European Forests 2010/2011".

New countries in the Contest

More countries in the Contest! Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia has joined YPEF 2010/2011.

Organization of the Contest has started

The YPEF International Contest Commission has finally started with the Contest! We are completing partners from whole Europe. Some like Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Poland has already declared attendance at the Contest. At the same time the National Stage Contests are being prepared.

The meeting of the YPEF International Contest Commission

The meeting of the YPEF International Contest Commission chaired by Andrzej Kawalec took place on November 24, 2010, at the Forestry Faculty of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. József Pethő and Pál Kovácsevics (Hungarian Forestry Association), László Hoczek (leader of the Hungarian competition “Kitaibel Pál”), Stanislav Janský (Association of Municipal and Private Forest Owners SVOL, Czech Republic), Thomas Baschny (Union of Austrian Foresters, leader of FCN-Subgroup Forest Related Environmental Education), Kamil Szpakowski and Jolanta Stankiewicz (General Directorate of the State Forests, Poland), Andrzej Kawalec, Maciej Białecki, Robert Tomusiak and Stanisław Biernacki (Forest Friends Association, Poland) and Jerzy Dobrucki (Publishing House FOREST) were present.

European Forest Pedagogics Congress

5th European Forest Pedagogics Congress 2010, Lahti, Finland


„Forest Pedagogics – Beneficial Impacts on Education and Society“ was the main title of 5th European Forest Pedagogics Congress which took place in Lahti, Finland 21-22nd October 2010.

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